Recently someone on Facebook commented, “I love your photos, but all my family will let me have is a little point & shoot.”

I admit to having the same bias for a long time. If I didn’t have my big pro body with me, it just wasn’t worth trying to get an image.

But lately a couple of scenes have caught my eye, and I didn’t have my big Nikon handy. In fact all I had was my cell phone. So I pulled out my iPhone and gave it a shot.

All of the images in this post were shot with my cell phone. None of these images were altered on the computer; they were processed entirely in the phone.

There is a bit of wisdom floating around photography circles these days that goes, “The best camera… is the one you have with you.” These images have convinced me of the wisdom in that thought.

I will probably still use my D3 for weddings, though.

This post has a more detailed comparison between the iPhone and a DSLR.

Best Camera

Art by feifer

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