I am traveling in Spain. Any time I walk around I carry my camera. I am looking for images worth capturing. And I find many.

The question is, why don’t I find images when walking in my home town?

Of course Madrid is almost a thousand years older than La Jolla, so it seems more interesting.
But it’s more than that. Even if you are from the most interesting city in the world, you are more likely to be carrying a camera and finding images when away from home. Tourists in La Jolla certainly have no trouble finding images.

I think the problem is that we become habituated to our home town. We stop noticing the world around us, because we feel that we have seen it all before. This lack of novel stimuli causes our perception of time to speed up. We can’t remember how we got home.

That may be part of what makes a vacation so refreshing. The volume of new stimuli slows time down. Of course it doesn’t hurt that we aren’t working.

Anyway, here are some of the images that I’ve found wandering around Madrid the last coupe of days.

– on the road

New Streets

Art by feifer

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