I am always amazed that there are still shooters who do no post processing.  They go straight from camera to print or web.

To me a lot of the fun happens when I open the image on the computer, the digital darkroom.  Sometimes it’s just subtle tweaking, in others I do a bit of work to recreate what I saw in my mind when I captured the image.

If you haver spent any time in a traditional darkroom you know the joy of surprise of discovery in working with your images.  The good news is that the digital darkroom is easier and you can keep the lights on.

The only problem with the digital darkroom is that there are so many tools, options, and choices.  I have never been good at making decisions, and there are so many to make when digitally processing an image.

For example, take the image above.  This is the image straight off the memory card.  Below are three different versions of the image, made by taking very different paths (click for enlargement/ slide show).  I had trouble deciding which one I liked best.  Do you have a preference?

Post Processing

Art by feifer

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