If you peruse the daily sketches before this one, you will notice that most of them have one thing in common: the eyes are always closed.

Sometimes it’s because they were sleeping.  But usually it’s because I am afraid of eyes.  They just seem very hard to draw.

And they are so easy to get wrong.  If you draw the right eye when they  happen to be looking left, and the left eye when they happen to be looking right, they will look cross-eyed.


But I think that the biggest reason that eyes are hard for me is that I have avoided them for so long.  Sketching anything was more difficult for me a year ago before I started my sketch-a-day project.  So with this sketch I start pushing myself to draw eyes open.

If you see any future sketches with the eyes closed, hopefully it will be because the subject actually had them closed.

Sketch a Day

I try to complete at least one sketch each day.

Katie’s Eyes

Art by feifer

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